Introduction to Turtle.Club

What is Turtle.Club?

Introducing the First Phantom Liquidity Protocol—an innovative approach that operates without smart contracts, yet harnesses all the benefits of a conventional protocol while avoiding its limitations. Turtle represents a paradigm shift in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem -

  • No Smart Contracts

  • No Management fees.

  • No Performance fees.

  • Does not pool or custody your funds.

  • Open to everyone and not limited to institutions or accredited investors.

  • Gains a vested interest and influence in every protocol that it partners with

Positioned as a decentralized Phantom liquidity Protocol, it aims to realign the incentives among key DeFi players, including Liquidity Providers (LPs), Developers, Venture Capitalists, Security Auditors, and Miners.

The core mission of Turtle.Club is to offer a safeguarding layer in DeFi, ensuring that liquidity is deployed with transparency and due diligence. Unlike traditional DeFi models that often operate in a zero-sum framework, Turtle.Club introduces a positive-sum game, promoting superior risk-adjusted returns for all stakeholders while simultaneously mitigating protocol and downside risks.

What does Turtle Club do?

Our core mission is to open up backroom liquidity deals to every Turtle.Club LP, collectively enhance liquidity utilization, returns, and security while fostering sustainable growth for favored protocols.

Operating within a DAO framework, Turtle.Club realigns incentives among key stakeholders in Web3—Protocols (founders/developers), Liquidity Providers (LPs), Venture Capitalists (VCs), and Smart Contract Auditors (auditors); empowering each member to leverage superior collective security and bargaining power through our phantom liquidity protocol.

How does Turtle.Club Work?

Liquidity Providers

Liquidity providers (LP) need only to register with Turtle.Club by signing a message to accept the terms and conditions and to register their wallet to be included in the protocol. After which, LPs continue their normal activities with protocols. If protocols are partners with Turtle.Club, LPs generates 25 to 50% of all the native token emissions our Turtle.Club LPs/Turtle TVL receive which are sent to the TurtleDAO Treasury. LP's will be issued with Turtle Tokens based off the amount of emissions they helped the TurtleDAO receive.


Turtle.Club is pay to play for protocols. Protocols provide the yield as a catalyst to kick off the Turtle Flywheel.

The mission of the Turtle.Club is to acquire as many tokens in our Partner Protocols as possible. And thus have a large incentive to help and support them to grow.

Why would Protocol Partners work with us? Because we help them retain and grow their existing liquidity base. Protocols also receive a share of Turtle tokens which ensures they can participate in the TurtleDAO.

How is Turtle Club Safe?

  • Never acts as a counterparty in any LP transaction within Web3. You deposit in the protocols themselves

  • Never controls or handles members’ liquidity, ensuring utmost security and autonomy.

The absence of smart contracts offers several advantages for Turtle:

  • Maintaining agility and adaptability, seamlessly integrating with various protocols without added complexity.

  • Minimizing technical debt and counterparty risk by eliminating an additional smart contract layer.

  • Reducing gas fees for depositing and withdrawing funds from Turtle Protocols.

  • Mitigating regulatory risks associated with non-custodial protocol operation.

Enhanced Security for TurtleProtocols

We have partnerships with ConsenSys Diligence,, Code4Arena, and Creed and our in-house auditing team/community. The Turtle takes proactive security measures to safeguard the funds of our LPs and the broader Web3 community.

We are committed to close collaboration with Turtle.Club. Protocol Partners to develop robust and resilient Web3 Lego Blocks.

Referrals - Ending the Era of self referrals

Turtle Referral Codes marks a transformative shift offering our community an extra opportunity to support TurtleDAO while earning Turtle points alongside the Turtle Yield Boost. We are shifting the previous practice where LPs received no rewards when using someone's referral code. Turtle LPs can now earn additional Turtle points by utilizing Turtle referral codes, with each contribution made through these codes adding to the TurtleDAO treasury. Concurrently, LPs who join Turtle.Club and deploy liquidity into Turtle Partner Protocols will continue to benefit from the Turtle Yield Boost. This boost is earned as their liquidity generates contributions to the TurtleDAO, resulting in the accrual of Turtle points.

Every user who joins Turtle is automatically eligible for the Turtle Yield Boost on our Partner Protocols, irrespective of whether they use a Turtle referral code. However, LPs utilizing Turtle Referral Codes will earn additional Turtle points on the points and tokens they refer to the TurtleDAO treasury which further boosts their contributions to the TurtleDAO and their accrual ofrewards. By combining both Turtle Referral Codes and the Turtle Yield Boost, LPs can multiply their contributions to the TurtleDAO, leading to a higher accumulation of Turtle points. Combining these features means LPs make two distinct contributions to the TurtleDAO with the same underlying liquidity, resulting in increased points earned overall!

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