How does Turtle.Club work?

Turtle partners with protocols to grow and retain protocol liquidity. In return for bringing liquidity to the protocol, partners contribute to the TurtleDAO treasury. The amount contributed is based on the rewards that Turtle.Club LPs generate. Turtle.Club LPs retain all of their rewards + turtle yield boost.

Why would a protocol want to partner with Turtle.Club ?

Turtle.Club is dedicated to fostering ongoing liquidity partnerships by providing security, liquidity and participation in the Turtle DAO that aligns the interest of Turtle.Club LPs with partner protocols ensuring mutual commitment and compliance.

Why would an LP want to become a Turtle.Club member?

LP's benefit from earning additional rewards with no smart contract risk, no counterparty risk and the benefits of a partnership & security focused DAO that offers the best risk adjusted yield on liquidity without pooling or custody of the LP funds.

What are the rewards that I can see on the Turtle.Club dashboard?

The dashboard shows you how much each protocol will contribute and is based on the rewards you have earned. These rewards are shown in turtlePartner points, e.g. turtleezPoints. These points will be converted to Turtle Governance Tokens at the TGE.

Does any of my farmed yield go to the TurtleDAO treasury?

NO. Turtle.Club will never siphone off yield generated by Turtle.Club members. The TurtleDAO treasury is 100% made up of partner contributions.

What is the TGE and when will it take place?

TGE is the Token Generation Event. The exact timing of this event has not been decided yet.

To create a referral, Press 'Manage Referrals' Type in the referral code you would like to use and press create, if the code has not been used, your referral code has been created. Next to the referral code is the copy icon, which will have your link.

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